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Rose Wood Manor Senior Care

Cost of Assisted Living

Assisted Living is not as expensive as you might think. The average cost for assisted living in Alabama is $3,075 monthly compared to $5,000 and up to $10,000 in a Nursing Home. Once you calculate the services included in the monthly fee compared to what it would cost in a private home the Assisted Living options can be a better choice.

At Rosewood Manor the monthly rent is based on the size of apartment the Resident has chosen.  Our rates are all inclusive which eliminates the guessing game and lets you know exactly what your monthly rate will be for your budget needs. Knowing there are never any add on charges gives the resident and family members financial peace of mind.


Helpful Insights into Affording Assisted Living

Long-Term Care Insurance
If you have purchased a Long Term Care Insurance policy you will need to contact your insurance provider to verify the policy covers Assisted Living. Most Long Term Care insurance policies will cover Assisted Living but you will want to verify. Even a policy with a designated payment for home care can be paid directly to the resident or to the beneficiary, who then uses it to pay for assisted living.

Filing a claim with your Long Term Care Insurance Company will require some information from the Assisted Living Community you select. We are standing by ready to help you file your first claim. You can get started by calling Rosewood at (265) 574-4800 and asking to speak to the Executive Director.

Veterans Benefits Help Pay For Assisted Living
Yes! The most commonly used program is called Aid and Attendance. These benefits are for the Veteran and the surviving spouse.

Who Is Eligible For The Aid And Attendance Benefits?

  • A Veteran who is receiving a V.A. pension, or the surviving spouse who is receiving V.A. Death Pension.
  • The Veteran served in active duty at least 1 day during a Military Action or War Time. The veteran is not required to have served overseas or in a War Zone.
  • The veteran or surviving spouse requires regular assistance in order to perform activities of daily living.
  • He or she is living in Assisted Living due to mental or physical incapacity.
  • There are financial and asset requirements along with other qualifying guidelines. You can call Rosewood Manor and ask for the Executive Director for more details.

How do I apply for V.A. Aid and Attendance Benefits?
The Veteran Affair Aid and Attendance Benefit and The V.A. Aid Attendance Application Check List: download it here.

At first glance it looks like a lot of forms and information required. Applying for the Aid and Attendance Benefits can be challenging and many Veterans seek help with the application process. The Executive Director at Rosewood Manor would be happy to help you get the ball rolling and walk with you every step of the way through the process. The Executive Director can be reached at (265) 574-4800.

Rosewood has also partnered with the V. A. and other agencies that can help with the application. Many times the assistance is at no charge to the Veteran or surviving spouse. Of course the Rosewood Team never charges to help our Veterans apply for benefits.

Other help applying for V.A. Aid and Attendance
You can get free assistance by calling the V.A. at 800-827-1000 and asking for the help line.
For questions and help in-person you can reach out to one of the V.A.’s Vet Centers. You can find the closest V.A.’s Veterans Benefits Administration Office nearest you with this link


Using A Home To Pay for Assisted Living

Reverse Mortgage Option
Reverse mortgages allows you to get cash out the value of your home equity in a lump sum or in form of monthly payments. The borrower can stay in the home even if a spouse is living in an Assisted Living. The home owner must be at least 62 and at least one of the owners must live in the home.

There are many different types of Reverse mortgages and this option is not right for everyone. Be sure to you understand and have looked over the small print. The reverse mortgage is binding and has many different conditions. With all financial options seeking help from a trusted source is advised. You can reach the US Government Department of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at this link

Renting Or Selling The Home
With a strong housing market many seniors are finding their home is worth a great deal more than they once thought. By renting or selling their home they have the resources they need to enjoy an independent life style with the care and security they need.

Combining Family Resources For Mom And Dad
Many family members are making small and sometimes large contributions towards the care of their parents. Having a family meeting and discussing the concerns about Mom and/or Dad and the increasing need for assistance can produce very beneficial results. If you or your loved ones has concerns chances are your family have the same concerns. Many families have found solutions to the time demands and financial responsibility that come along with caring for loved ones.

The following are some examples of solutions different families have found in a family meeting:

  • The financial short fall is evenly picked up between each sibling.
  • If a family does not want to sell the family home yet and has the funds available might pay for assisted living with the promise of repayment when the house is sold.
  • Some siblings pick up the financial short fall while other family members provided the day to day responsibilities. This could be by visiting often, going to doctor visits or doing the shopping for personal needs.

At Rosewood Manor we have worked with many residents and their loved ones in finding solutions to both the time and financial needs in caring for our residents. Call (265) 574-4800 to speak to someone at Rosewood Manor and we will work with you to find the best solution for your situation.